Application documents

Application documents

Steps for candidates


1.       Check study programmes at European partner universities and select host university.


2.       Check language requirements of host university.


3.       Check mobility table.


4.       Full time (34 months) PhD candidates should contact selected host university and discuss the topic of their research and find the supervisor.

The PhD candidates will be supported to find the second supervisor at other European partner university and study joint PhD at two universities.


5.       Send all requested documents and application form to home university coordinator in Asia who will upload all documents into registration sheet.


6.       First selection of candidates will be done by Asian partners. Selected students will be invited for the interview which will be organized in December 2010, January and February 2011.


7.       Second selection of candidates will be done by European partners after interviews. Students will be informed in March/April 2011 about the result of selection.


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