Project activities include ensuring permanent internal and external communication and information exchange, project webpage management, selection of students and staff by common selection committee, managing mobility flows, performing respective financial management, preparing the regular project reports. Hosting institutions for incoming Asian students and staff are responsible to carry out all administrative and academic duties (management of scholarship budget, assistance with visa application, accommodation, welcoming services and administrative services as well as academic support and monitoring). By applying ECTS standards to the exchanges, the transparency and recognition of studies and qualifications will be improved and the know-how on the Bologna process disseminated.


The partnership will establish a truly independent Steering Committee (SC), consisting of one representative (contact person) from each partner institution and chaired by the project co-ordinator. The SC is responsible for the general management of the project and decides on strategic and general issues of the partnership. In particular the SC is responsible for: monitoring of the progress of project implementation through regular telephone, web and/or video-conferences; agreeing on the selection procedures applied; the final decision on selected candidates for mobility flows; and quality evaluation through evaluation of interim-reports and mobility questionnaires.


The day-to-day management of the project will be performed by the project office at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, headed by the project co-ordinator, who is responsible for the operational project decisions in close co-operation with the contact persons at the partner institutions.


The contact persons at each partner university are responsible for the local announcement of the project activities, promotion of the scholarship opportunities and coordination of the application procedure at their institution and the local screening of the applications. The contact persons at each partner institution will be involved in the final selection of the candidates. All partners will provide the selected candidates with all necessary information. In case of incoming mobility the contact person is in charge of matching the requests of incoming students and staff with hosting units (department, faculty, research group etc.) within their university. In addition they are responsible for the administration and documentation of their share in the project budget allocated to the partner.


The International Relation Offices at each of the partnership members (or similar international programmes administration units) are responsible for all administrative tasks related to staff and student mobility, i.e. visa application process, admission procedures, enrolment, insurance, registration, residence permit etc. They support incoming and outgoing persons with travel arrangements, finding accommodation, recognition of studies, transcript of certificates and organise the mentoring activities for incoming students (welcoming week, language courses etc.).


In co-operation with the SC the associates play an important role in monitoring the project activities and evaluating the quality of the project results. Representatives of the associates will participate in the selection process in order to ensure a fair selection.